Do Not Use Tap Water! How To Wash Vegetables?

Do Not Use Tap Water! How To Wash Vegetables?

Cleaning veggies in a yogic way ๐Ÿ™


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If you put a little bit of vibhuti and turmeric and soak the vegetables for 15-20 min, it has a much better impact, rather than running them with chlorinated water.

If you don't have sacred ash, you can just put turmeric in it. A little salt and turmeric will do the job for you.

Or you can put some neem. You can have some amount of neem leaf in your house every day you can use the same water. That is the beauty of neem. If you have a bucket where the bottom is full of neem leaves every day, you can put your vegetables into the same thing and pick out your vegetables and keep the water closed it will work fine for you.

If it's a metal container it's best. If you have a copper container or brass container, it's great. Otherwise even a steel container will do or glass is fine

You can watch a short video with demonstration: