Honey (Know Your Pranic Foods)

Honey (Know Your Pranic Foods)

Honey if cooked, can turn poisonous. Mix honey with tepid or warm water, not in boiling hot water. Honey should not be given to children under the age of one.

Honey is one of the best foods one can consume. Widely recognized by scientists nowadays for its immense health benefits, this Yogic Superfood impacts not only the physical body but also one’s energy system. When consumed in the right way, reaping its many benefits will taste as sweet as honey.

The different ways in which honey is consumed can impact the system differently. In boiling water, honey turns poisonous. But when consumed with cold water, it can add weight to the body. For those who practice Yoga, drinking honey with lukewarm water before beginning your practice can be beneficial. Honey brings balance to the blood chemistry and circulation, an important benefit for Yoga practitioners as they attempt to bring equanimity to their systems.

Daily consumption of honey gives one a burst of energy while reducing the inertia in the body and mind. It makes one more dynamic and vibrant while also bringing stability and alertness to the mind.

Honey is especially beneficial for people suffering from anemia or blood pressure issues.

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