How To Drink? Everything About Water 🌊

How To Drink? Everything About Water 🌊

Extensive guide about water for everyday life with all the water-tips from Sadhguru πŸ™


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TO-DO List Before Drinking

  • Bow down to water & create a sense of gratitude.

  • Check that it is warm (ideally 37-41Β°C).

  • Sit cross-legged.

  • Drink slowly without gulping.

  • Be thirty & drink 10% more than you need.

  • Do not eat 30 min before & after drinking.

How To Store Water

Today, many people have shifted to plastic bottles and plastic purifier machines, but traditionally, people would

  • Wash the copper vessel at night with a little tamarind and turmeric.

  • Smear sacred ash on it.

  • Then fill it with water.

  • Put a flower on top of it.

  • Light a lamp next to it.

And go to bed. The next morning, they drink from that. This water will behave wonderfully within you.

You can buy any copper vessel, not only from Isha Life.

Treat Water with Reverence πŸ™

Traditionally, in the East, no one drinks water without first bowing down to it because how the water behaves depends on how you treat it.

Just spend one moment of gratitude and reverence before you consume water, because this is the material with which you are making your life. The fact is that you cannot survive without it. So you bow down to whatever is the basis of your survival.

Drink Water with Your Hands 🀲

The best way to drink water is with your own hands. If that is not possible, if someone gives water to you in a metal tumbler, you always hold it with both your hands and drink it.

Have you seen this? Indian villagers still do it like that. It is important that before you drink water, you touch it first, allow that much time and then drink it. Then it behaves differently.

Drink Water At The Right Temperature 🌑

If you are on the path of inner transformation and want to transform your system to another dimension of possibility, then you only drink water that is within four degrees of your body temperature (32-40Β°C if you have 36Β°C).

How Much To Drink

If you do not feel thirsty and do not drink water, you will be fine. When you drink excessive water, especially in small sips, the body absorbs it. If you drink lots of water in one go, the body will decide how much to absorb and how much to throw out. But if you keep sipping throughout the day, the body gets deceived and tends to absorb more water than it should which will lead to swelling of the brain.

When you feel thirsty, you must drink water. Just to ensure that you are drinking enough, drink ten percent more than what you need. If you are not the kind who is carrying a water bottle with you every minute of the day, then it is good to drink a little extra water.

At the same time, when you are thirsty and need water but do not drink, it will cause damage to the system. You must drink water when there is an indication of thirst. When the body indicates you need water, you must give it water within twenty minutes or at the most half an hour. The body will choose how much to take and how much to reject.

Drink Water Slowly

You should drink one time without sipping throughout the day but do it slowly, without gulping, not like an animal. Also, It would be best if you sit cross-legged.

Eat Water πŸ₯¬

Your food must have a minimum of seventy percent water content. If you eat food with very low water content, it goes and gets stuck in your stomach like concrete. If you eat dry food and then drink water, it does not work. When you consume food, it must be at least level with the percentage of water content in your own body. This is why vegetables and fruits must be a part of your diet.

If you eat dry fruits & nuts you should soak them overnight.

Don Not Drink & Eat

It is better to drink 20-30 mins or 30-40 mins a meal, but not during the meal. You will delude the stomach acids and there will be problems with disinfectant and the digestive process.

If you eat very dry food like a burger or dry fruit of course you will want to drink. But when you eat a fruit or other high-water content food you will notice you don't want to drink anymore.

TIP: If you eat dry fruits/nuts soak them in water.

Drink Water, Not Drinks

The body uses water to get rid of toxins and it is easier when the water is clean. So it is better to drink normal water instead of tea, coffee, sodas and other "more interesting" drinks.

The Danger of Tap Water 🚱

Never drink water directly from the tap. Sadhguru says that when water is forcefully pumped through pipe 50 bends and you pour it into a glass after this 60% of this water in terms of molecular structure turned poisonous.

But if you leave this water in the glass for 20 minutes it will undo itself naturally. So do not drink water from the tap, but store it as mentioned above or at least wait for a while.

Mineral Water

According to Hatha Yoga teacher A. Voronov, it is better to drink mineral water once or twice a month or less. Especially the good ones. It will have a good influence on the system, but you need to drink it rarely. Drinking it all the time can harm the system.

Note, that minerals in the water are not in the form that your body can absorb, and drinking a lot of water. You can read more about minerals in the article "Balanced Diet: Proteins, Fats, Carbs, Vitamins & Minerals".


Jeevarasam is a small oval-shaped burnished metal container, with a copper serpent coiled around it. It is filled with energized vibhuti (sacred ash) that has been consecrated at Dhyanalinga at the Isha Yoga Center. When immersed in drinking water, Jeevarasam energizes the water, leading to many health benefits. Jeevarasam is available online at Isha Life.


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